International collaborators

The NetResilience consortium brings together leading researchers in the fields of behavioral sciences, ecology and computer science. Our partners support the consortium in achieving its scientific goals and advocating for population policy at EU level.

We are collaborating with two European research infrastructures, the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) and the Generations and Gender Program (GGP). We also collaborate with research project Network Dynamics of Ethnic Integration (NordInt).

International partners of NetResilience

  • Arnstein Aassve, professor, Bocconi University (site)
  • Gunnar Andersson, professor, Stockholm University (site)
  • Bruno Arpino, apulaisprofessor, University of Florence (site)
  • Axel Börsch-Supan, professor, SHARE-ERIC, Max Planck (site)
  • Tamás Dávid-Barrett, University of Oxford (site)
  • David Coall, Dr., senior lecturer, Edith Cowan University (site)
  • Robin Dunbar, professor emeritus, University of Oxford (site)
  • Max van Dujin, assistant professor, Leiden University (site)
  • Anne Gauthier, professor, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (site)
  • Petter Holme, professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology (site)
  • Marton Karsai, associate professor, Central European University (site)
  • Janos Kertesz, professor, Central European University (site)
  • Trude Lappegård, professor, University of Oslo (site)
  • Sune Lehmann, professor, Technical University of Denmark (site)
  • Wolfgang Lutz, professor, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (site)
  • Urszula Marcinkowska, associate professor, Jagiellonian University (site)
  • Allan Puur, professor, Tallinn University (site)
  • Jason Rentfrow, professor, Cambridge University (site)
  • Giulia Rivellini, professor, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan (site)
  • Luule Sakkeus, professor, Tallinn University (site)
  • Aïda Solé-Auró, associate professor, University of Pompeu Fabra (site)
  • Susanna Zaccarin, professor, University of Trieste (site)