Network methods

Jari Saramäki Leader: Jari Saramäki, Professor, Aalto University

WP5 supports the other WPs with statistical and computational tools. The aim is to distill information from complex, multidimensional data in the form of relationships between entities and quantitative descriptors of these relationships (individuals, families, regions, etc.) using the tools of network science and data science. While there is a wide array of computational tools at our disposal, most of them cannot be applied “off-the-shelf” for in the proposed research—rather, we will tailor existing methods and develop new tools wherever necessary. In addition to the survey and register data used by other WPs, WP5 pre-processes and prepares mobile-phone-based data on mobility flows between municipalities in Finland and statistics of subscriber locations, to be purchased from Telia’s Crowd Insights program. This data will be analysed in-depth in WP3 and will provide mobility characteristics for regions/municipalities that can be used by all WPs as potential correlates of fertility and active ageing.

WP5 addresses the following themes:

(T1) Network indicators

(T2) Mobility patterns

(T3) Predictive modelling and regional forecasts