Grant numbers for NetResilience researchers

Instructions to the publications

Please write the NetResilience decision numbers to your publications. The decision number are written to the acknowledgements section in the following form:

The study is part of NetResilience consortium funded by the Strategic Research Council within the Research Council of Finland (grant number xxxxx and 345183)

345183 = Consortium decision and leader’s number which is always written in the phrase.

Please write the number of the Working Package by replacing the xxxxx:

WP1 Anna Rotkirch: 345184

WP2 Mirkka Danielsbacka: 345183 (This is the same number than the consortium decision number. No need to write it twice.)

WP3 Markus Jokela: 345186

WP4 Virpi Lummaa: 345185

WP5 Jari Saramäki: 345188

It could be possible that the publication is published in cooperation between several working packages. Please write the numbers of each working package to the phrase.